At our book printing factories in Stevenage and Eynsham we can offer you the complete range of cheap and affordable book printing services.

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We can offer you all the book production services you need to help you achieve your dream of seeing your book in print.

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We offer professional paperback and hardback printing and services for self-publishers including storage and distribution services, fulfilment, creative design and marketing.

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Part of a group in two locations within the UK, we aim to be the best at what we do providing a high quality product at the cheapest prices in the book printing market.

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We take the role of personal advisor for you and your self-publishing project from you through how to layout your files to how to get an ISBN to make your book a success.

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In partnership with M-Y Books, e-books can be converted straight from a Word document or PDF into ePub and Mobi for Kindle, iPad, Kobo, Nook, Android

  • Self-Publishing Training Day

    A unique training day tailored specifically for self-publishers and first-time authors A one day course held at our factory in Stevenage (includes an excellent buffet lunch!) these sessions give a good insight into the book manufacturing process at a level that everyone can understand. They also help publishers appreciate how the choices / decisions they make when placing an order impacts the manufacture of their books. For more details and to book your place on the next session please click here....
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